1701 E Evans Ave • Denver, CO • (303) 733-4031


About UsJust steps away from the University of Denver Campus, the Stadium Inn has long been DU's favorite dive.



Established After World War II the bar was named for the home turf of the school's now defunct football team.

The building served as drugstore and a creamery before becoming a beer pouring outpost for DU sports fans and local residents. The Stadium was among the first bars in Denver to desegregate, following protests by returning veterans in 1947.


By 1970's the bar had become home of the biker crowd.



Today the Stadium Inn represents an eclectic crowd of: students, professors and locals, owned by the same family since the 1980's.

The Stadium Inn of today provides a cozy atmosphere of vinyl booths, pool tables, digital juke box, Evan Williams and Budwieser swag. Students and locals play pool, watch sports and unwind in its friendly confines. With school ties both eponymous and sentimental, the Stadium has taken its place among the city's most beloved landmarks.